All Starr Club

About Company

The Story Behind All Starr Club

The All Star Club was established in 2023 and has since gained recognition in the lifestyle improvement industry. With a gymnasium, swimming pool, badminton courts, squash courts, and other amenities, All Starr Club is a one-stop destination for the best in health and wellness. We have access to around 60+ Resorts/Clubs/Hotels in India and Abroad with national as well as international collaborations. We present to you a dreamlike environment with luxurious services to enhance life's special moments. With this, we also provide a magnificent and elegant Lounge Café, Bar & Restaurant, an enormous Banquet and a Billiards area.

Company Mission

The All Starr Sports Club and Hospitality in Jaipur seeks to offer a luxury experience by fusing recreational opportunities with health and wellness amenities.

Hotel & Suites

The Hotel & Suites at All Starr Sports Club in Jaipur provides luxurious accommodation choices that combine style and comfort for a remarkable visit.

Meet Our Founders

Rajesh Ishwar Chandwani


Rajesh Ishwar Chandwani

Being a member of several clubs while living overseas has always inspired me to introduce a global flair to India. We are quite happy to present our first project, which perfectly combines hospitality and sports. Every member is welcome to investigate the alternatives we plan to introduce at ALL STARR SPORTS CLUB. It's a place where one may call home.

Rajesh Ishwar Chandwani


Vineet Chandwani

I have always held the opinion that if you don't aim for anything, you won't hit anything. For those who share this viewpoint, All Starr Sports Club assumes full responsibility for promoting growth and development by offering educational opportunities in a welcoming, safe, and equitable atmosphere, enabling players to realize their full potential.

Our Activity

Quality Services & Food Your Trip Are Enjoyable

The All Starr Sports Club in Jaipur is committed to providing excellent service and mouthwatering cuisine options, all with the goal of making your journey enjoyable.

Room Cleaning and Guide

The All Starr Sports Club guarantees thorough room cleaning services for a clean and cozy stay. For a flawless encounter, they also provide guests with instructions.

Quality Foods & hygienic kitchen

We take great pleasure in providing cuisine cooked to the highest hygiene and culinary perfection standards in a well-maintained kitchen.

World Class Gyms and Yoga Rooms

All Starr Sports Club has a well-stocked gym and mindful yoga areas that offer opportunities for both intense workouts and relaxed yoga sessions.