All Starr Club


  • Membership is by invitation or inquiry only, and acceptance is wholly at the discretion of the club management / Promoters. The membership comprises the following components:
  • The members shall have only user rights of the facilities of the club, as per the terms and conditions of membership/rules and regulations framed from time to time, without any lien on the property and assets of All Starr Sport Club & Hospitality Pvt Ltd.
  • The club management / Promoters reserves the rights of the club. Any person seeking the club membership may be admitted, subject to approval of his/her application by the club management / Promoters and their decision shall be final in this regard. All membership charges shall be one time and non-refundable once the membership is granted. These shall not be construed as any form of deposit with the club.
  • The membership is open to persons above 18 years of age only. The facilities may be used by the members/ their spouses, childrens. The guests should be accompanied by their members on payment of guest fee as fixed from time to time. Members wishing their dependent children to use the club un-accompanied shall obtain identity cards for such dependents by making a formal written request.
  • The club management may suspend/cancel/terminate the membership of any member in case of any misconduct or in-discipline committed by the member or his/her dependents/ and the decision of the club management / Promoters in this regard shall be final and binding on such member.
  • The club management / Promoters reserves the right to change/ alter/ amend any membership admission fees, annual charges, subscriptions rates and charges of the services at the club at their discretion at any time.
  • In case of any injury and/ or loss/ damage sustained by any member and/ or his/ their spouse/ dependents/ guests/ attendants in the All Starr Sports Club premises, the management shall not be liable for any damages/claims.
  • Certain limited restrictions may apply sometimes, or in exceptional circumstances, the said benefit or service may not be available. When this occurs the club management / Promoters will endeavor to give advance notice but there will be no liability whatsoever on the club management / Promoters in this regard.
  • Members may be asked to present their card on every visit to All Starr Sports Club. All bills presented for any facility/services or consumptions would have to be settled directly.
  • Any member bringing guests to the club must enter their names as also his name in the guest book. Guest charges will be charged as applicable from time to time and notified to the members.


  • Guests shall be admitted at the discretion of the Club management / Promoters and must be accompanied by a member at all times.
  • Members shall be responsible for the behavior / conduct / expenditure for their guests at all times.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of all Club rules and codes of conduct during their time in the Club and upon leaving the Club Premises.
  • Members must not leave before any of their guests.
  • If your guests are likely to arrive before you, please notify reception in advance


ALL STARR SPORTS CLUB encourages individuality and fabulous party dressing. The Club’s Dress Code does not wish to be binding or overly prescriptive, however, we do politely ask our Members and their guests to dress for the occasion and be respectful in their choice of attire.


  • Each Member and their guest shall observe the rules and codes of conduct set out by the Club management / Promoters.
  • Members and their guest shall take responsibility for the security and safety of their belongings. Each Member and their guest agree that the club management / Promoters will not be liable for any belongings or property or be liable for any claim or expense resulting to loss or damage to member’s or guest’s property.
  • Any items found in the Club after closing will be recovered in the lost property book, held for 28 days from the date and then disposed of.
  • Members will be issued with a membership card. This card must be shown at reception and is used in conjunction with any other identification procedures deemed necessary by the Club. You must present your membership card to open a tab.
  • No Member shall remove, damage or destroy Club property, any artwork, item of furniture or any other articles belonging to the Club. If a member or their guest causes the loss, damage or destruction of any such property as described, the member shall bear full responsibility and will be charged the applicable cost.
  • Members are advised that CCTV cameras will be used in various parts of the Club Premises.
  • Violence will not be tolerated
  • Conduct yourself with decorum.
  • Treat the Club’s staff with respect.
  • Respect your Club.
  • Respect other members.
  • Every member is responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests.
  • Dress appropriately.