Membership Open

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions. 

1.         ALL STARR SPORTS CLUB & HOSPITALTY PVT. LTD.(hereinafter referred to as "ASSC") is located at 231, 232, C4, C5,  Prem Sagar, Narshinghpura, Jagatpura, Jaipur - 302017, Rajasthan, India, is owned and  run by Directors/ Shareholders of the company and is a proprietary club.

2.         The application for the membership to the ASSC ("Membership") may be made as per the prescribed format (“Application Form") that forms a part of the Membership Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). The Membership is subject to the Terms and Conditions, the rules and regulations made there under and as amended from time to time and as notified to the members by putting up a copy thereof at the Club house notice board or any other suitable place ("Rules and Regulations"). The Terms and Conditions include the FEE STRUCTURE for the Membership as of the date thereof and as amended from time to time by the Management. PLAN & FEE STRUCTURE FORMING PART OF THIS AGREEMENT.

3.         The management of the ASSC vests exclusively in the Board of Directors and its authorized executives and who in these Rules and Regulations are referred to as "Management". The Management reserves the right to reject or to conditionally accept the Application Form without assigning any reason whatsoever. A member ("Member") is a person whose Application has been accepted by the Management. Only one Qualifying Person is permitted to become a Member among immediate family members. A membership may be used only by the Member, Member’s Spouse and Dependents. 

4.         A Member has the right to use the facilities provided by the ASSC on the days and during the time as has been specified by the Management. The Primary Member, subject to availability & on first come first serve basis, can avail the facilities of:

(A)       The Banquet Hall at 25% discount for Family Lifetime Membership/Corporate Membership/Senior Citizen Membership and 15% for Family Annual Membership on prevailing rates.


(B)       20 Residential Rooms at 25% discount for Family Lifetime Membership/Corporate Membership/Senior Citizen Membership and 15% discount for Family Annual Membership on prevailing rates. Not more than 5 rooms shall be allotted to a member. However group booking with a special permission from the management can be done depending on the availability.


(C)        Prices of the food, beverage and liquor will be subsidized.


(D)       Usage of Badminton Court, Squash Court, Table Tennis, Billiards, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Steam Room/Sauna, Yoga and Kids Play Area will be chargeable at nominal prices and can be paid on Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly & Annual Basis.


5.         The Club will bill all the charges incurred by you. All fees and charges are non-refundable. The Club may change the fees and charges then in effect, or and new fees or charges, in our sole discretion by giving any notice in advance. Members are responsible for all fees and charges that member may incur in connection with your use and enjoyment of the Club. Membership Fees are considered fully earned by the Club when paid and are not subject to any refund upon Cancellation of Membership. 18% or applicable GST or any other taxes will be applicable. 


6.         The Club Membership does not in any manner grant / bestow / assign upon any member any rights / interests/ title / share / equity / upon the Member(s) (jointly or severally) in the land and/or the Club building / development / any construction and/or assets etc. thereon, which shall at all times vest in the company. Member(s) (jointly or severally) shall not have any control / right / interest / supervision over the management of the club.

7.         The company reserves the right to commence the operations of the Club and declare the Club as ‘open and operational’ even though some of Facilities & Services of the Club may be still under construction/development. 


The Membership to ASSC is open to the following categories

  1. FAMILY LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (25 YEARS): Includes Primary Applicant, Spouse and 2 Unmarried Son/Daughters till the age of 25 years or Marriage (whichever comes earlier). The Dependent members will be offered a new membership (Offer validity 6 months from the date/day they turn age of 25) at 25% discount of the prevailing membership rate. 


(B)  SENIOR DEPENDENT MEMBERSHIP: Includes parents of Primary Applicant who are above the age of 60 years. The membership can be utilized till the time the primary applicants membership is valid.


(C)  SENIOR/FORMER YOUNG MEMBERSHIP (15 YEARS): Includes a Primary Applicant who is of 50 years or more and his/her spouse.


(D)  CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP (25 YEARS): Corporate Membership shall include two or more Directors / Partners / Senior Management Personnel (Per Applicant Minimum 2 members). Each Members Membership shall include Primary Member, Spouse and 2 Unmarried Son/Daughters till the age of 25 years or Marriage (whichever comes earlier).


(E)  FAMILY ANNUAL MEMBERHSIP: Valid for 1 Year (12 Months/365 Days) and it Includes Primary Applicant, Spouse and 2 Unmarried Son/Daughters.


9.         ELIGIBILITY:  


    (A)   Persons indicated in CLAUSE 5 here in above can offer their application for Membership as per the details in Clause 8.

(B)   No Individual Member, Corporate who has been declared to be an un-discharged insolvent or has been convicted by a court shall be eligible for the Membership or the nomination to the Club.

(C)   A Corporate shall be eligible to nominate a fixed number of persons for a period of time as provided for in the Fee Structure.

10.       PROCEDURE:

        Individuals and Corporate seeking Membership are required to submit the duly filled in Application Form complete in all respects. Management of the ASSC has the absolute right to accept or reject any application for Membership at their sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever and the applicant shall have no right to challenge the decision of the Management. Membership is awarded only after proper & complete procedure is followed as decided by management.

11.       TENURE:


    (B)   SENIOR DEPENDENT MEMBERSHIP will be valid till the Dependee’s membership is valid. 






  1. A onetime MEMBERSHIP ENTERANCE FEE (“Entrance Fee”), non-refundable, as prescribed in the Fee Structure. All fee and charges are non-refundable. 


  1. An Annual, Monthly or Daily charges for various facilities/sports that would be offered from time to time by the management would be charged extra. All fee and charges are non-refundable.


(C) Applicants are required to pay the prevailing GST as per Finance Bill of Government of India wherever                   applicable and also other new taxes.




(A)   NOMINATION BY CORPORATE MEMBERS:A Corporate Member may choose one of the Membership options(term of the Membership and the number of nominees permitted)provided for under the Fee Structure, to avail of the ASSC facilities. Nominations can be changed during the tenure of Membership by making an application to the Management along with a copy of the Resolution passed by the Board of Directors of the Company which is the concerned Corporate Member, or a request letter signed by all the partners of the firm which is a Corporate Member and upon payment of applicable re-nomination fee as may be fixed by the Management from time to time.


Subject to the Rules and Regulations made in this regard the ASSC facilities are available to spouses and the children of the Individual Members and the Corporate Nominees. Children for the purposes of this clause mean a girl/boy until she/he attains the age of Twenty Five (25) years or Marriage (whichever comes first).



Guests of the members shall be permitted to use the facilities of the ASSC (except on certain specified days as mentioned in the Rules and Regulations or as may be notified from time to time by the Management). The Members shall be charged a fee of Rs.118/- per guest from Monday - Friday and Rs.236/- per guest on Saturday and Sunday by the Management from time to time, for the use of the facility of the ASSC by the guests of such Members. 




  1. Individual Member, Corporate, Nominee, Annual Member their respective spouses and Eligible        Children shall be issued Access Cards by the Management which will be required to be produced on entry to the club premises and/or when by using of club services/facilities.  


  1. The membership card is not transferable and shall be used only by the person whose name and photograph appears on the card. Using other member’s cards will be considered as trespassing. Primary Member will be held responsible for any misuse of club membership card. 


  1. Loss of the Identity Cards must be reported to the Management immediately and a charge of Rs.500/- will be charged to issue a Duplicate card.  


  1. The Identity Cards of the concerned Eligible Children must be surrendered to the Management       as soon as the child ceases to be eligible.


 (v) Whenever a Corporate ceases to be eligible under these Terms and Conditions or has been removed or replaced by the Corporate Member, the said nominee must surrender the Identity Cards including those of their spouses and Eligible Children to the Management immediately.   


(vi) In the event a spouse ceases to be a spouse by operation of law or otherwise, the Management

must be immediately informed of the same and the Identity Card of the spouse must be surrendered by the Individual Member / Corporate / Nominee / Annual to the Management immediately.



  1. Entry of pets within the premises of the ASSC is strictly prohibited.
  2. Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas as specified by the Management or as stated in the Rules & Regulations.
  3. Possession of firearms, ammunitions and weapons of any kind whether licensed or not within the    ASSC premises is strictly prohibited.
  4. Users of the ASSC are not permitted to give any monetary or non- monetary benefits to any staff member of the ASSC. A service charge will be added in the bills relating to food, soft beverages and other items.
  5. Dependents of Members from age 0 years – 14 years will not be allowed entry in the ASSC unless accompanied by an adult Member or Guest of a Member admitted to the ASSC. Members will be held responsible for appearance/behavior of their dependents/guests.
  6. A dependent member shall not introduce guests to the club.
  7. Dependent member who are issued membership card may utilize the club’s facilities and sign all bills, which are to be in turn, paid by the Primary Member.
  8. Individual Members or Corporate Nominees are requested to authorize their Eligible Children.
  9. The Management reserves the right to verify the identity of all persons entering the premises to    ensure that only Members, their spouses, Eligible Children and guests of such Members are   admitted.
  10. The managing committee reserves the right to restrict the entry or to removal of any person whose    character, appearance, manner or conduct is demonstrated to be unacceptable by the club   management. Under such circumstances membership may be termination without any refund of fees paid.
  11. It is mandatory for the participants to enter their check in and checkout time in the register provided at the Reception.
  12. The club management shall not be responsible for any loss of property or injury or casualty to the member or his dependents due to any mishap/accident within the club premises. The use of club premises will be entirely on the risk and responsibility of member and dependents.
  13. Members are expected to leave the premises by closing time.
  14. No loud or abusive language permitted.
  15. No personal notice, advertising or literature, either posted or distribution is allowed.
  16. If the Members/Participating Members/Guest causes any to damage to the Club, then he/she will be liable to for the cost of repair or replacement.
  17. No political activities and/or activities against the Government will be allowed.
  18. No banner/flag/posters will be displayed inside or outside the club premises.  
  19. The personal attendant/Maids/Drivers of members must restrict their movement within designated           areas only. They are not permitted to use the facilities of the club.




       Bar staff may refuse to serve drink to any Member or visitor whom they deem to be intoxicated or abusive. Disciplinary action may be taken by the Management against any Member who purchases drinks for a Member or visitor who has been refused service by the bar staff. Excise rules in the club are stringently followed. Alcohol consumption is only permitted in the excise approved facilities and areas of the club. The closure timing of the bars is also strictly adhered to and members are expected to follow these rules without exception. No Member shall be allowed to neither bring into the Club nor consume any Outside Liquor, or refreshment. If any member or his guest brings or consumes Liquor or Food or refreshment inside the club, the member shall be liable for disciplinary action by the management. Use of narcotics and other contraband by members and their guests is strictly forbidden by Law within the Club premises. Any member found to be indulging in any such activities shall be immediately                  suspended and matter shall be reported to the Law enforcement agencies. The Management may also take action to terminate membership of such member.


16.       DRESS CODE



       Dress code for a game of billiards should be nice and casual. The Member/Guests will not be permitted to play    in shorts and slippers.


       Table Tennis:   

Table Tennis uniform includes short-sleeved jerseys, shorts or skirts, socks, and sneakers



           T-Shirts/Shorts/Skirts and Rubber sole shoes with sock. (Black sole/marking shoes are not allowed).


       Swimming Pool:

All individuals, both on the pool deck and in the swimming pool, must wear proper swim attire. Clean white t-shirts may be worn over proper swim attire as colored t-shirts will not be allowed in the pool. All infants/toddlers that require a diaper must wear swimmer diapers and proper swimwear. Approved water shoes are permitted. Swimming suit and caps are compulsory for Ladies/Gentlemen with long hair. 



       Gym uniform includes short-sleeves/sleeve-less t-shirt, shorts/tracks, not a very short skirt and sport shoes.



No tank tops or cut-off jeans. Non-marking shoes. A decent round necked or collared shirt and shorts for men or a tennis dress or skirt/shorts for women.


  1. It is expected that all the users of the ASSC facilities shall follow the dress code as indicated in the Rules and Regulations of the ASSC.


  1. Dress code for the dining, lounge area and banquet hall may be casual. However such dress code may be made formal/fancy from time to time by the Management for special occasions and functions. Members/Participating Members/Guests are not permitted to wear slippers or shorts in the Restaurant/lounge area. Swimming, jogging, gym, athletic or other types of shorts are prohibited in areas other than the designated places as provided for in the Rules and Regulations.
  2. If any other facility will be added in future then the dress code will be informed by email/circular or it will be on the notice board.


17.       GAME RULES: 


Detailed rules governing the playing of Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Gymnasium and use of the Swimming pool which are currently in force are notified from time to time to member.




The Management reserves the right to suspend the right of some or all of the Members to enter the club premises or any other facility area in the ASSC in order to facilitate conduct of the sports tournaments and events from time to time at all or some designated areas. No User shall have any right whatsoever to challenge the decision of the Management in this regard.


19.       CLUBSTAFF:


Member should not at any point engage in any argument with any Club Staff. Any issues with regard to staff should be informed to the club officer or the management.




The coaching facility on offer for all or some facilities at ASSC is been run &managed under specific   rules laid down by ASSC/Facilitator of coaching wherein any member will not have any say on the  procedure, technique, fees, timings, coaching area fixed from time to time by ASSC Management.  




  1. Payments for all services and facilities are required to be made by cash, approved credit cards, cheques and Demand Draft. Any type of credit facility will not be encouraged.
  2. All Individual Members and Corporate Members are required to pay the daily/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly and annual fee w.e.f. the date of the acceptance of the Membership against any facility by the Management and as specified in the Fee Structure. All charges incurred by spouse, Eligible Children, guests will be debited to the account of the concerned Member.
  3. The Management of the ASSC shall provide sporting equipment i.e. shuttle, racquet etc. that may be available at a cost and used subject to the availability. The use of these facilities/equipment will be at the users own risks and responsibilities. Any damage/ loss to the facility/equipment thereof are to be made good by the user. Members will be solely responsible for settlement of bills on this account. In respect of the amounts payable by a Corporate Nominee the concerned nominee and the Corporate Member shall both be jointly and severally liable towards the ASSC.


  1. It will be sole responsibility of member to update their details i.e. mobile number, telephone number, residential & office address and email address in case of any changes in them. Updating of email address is must since our Club monthly Invoice & Newsletters are sent to registered emails address with us. In case you do not update it will result into accumulation of dues & would later on attract Late Fee charges which under any circumstances shall not be waived off once debited to the member. If any member does not receive Club Monthly Invoice or Circulars more than a month than he has to immediately contact the management. 




The Management shall have the sole discretion to make repairs, refurbishment, additions, modifications, reductions, and elimination temporary closure of all or some facilities of the ASSC. All Members have to adhere the decision without any objection.




  1.       The use of the facilities of ASSC is entirely at the risk and responsibility of the Members or Corporate        Nominee or Annual member and/or their respective guest, spouse or Eligible Children who use such facilities. The Management of the ASSC shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss caused to the Users of the ASSC during the course of their visits to ASSC or due to use of the ASSC facilities.


(B) All the Users of ASSC are warned of high-speed Shuttle/balls that may cause grievous injuries/ death or loss of property. Further, it shall be the duty/ obligation of every Member to warn their respective spouses, guests, Eligible Children of such danger/risk before entering ASSC. All such Users shall be presumed to have understood the risks inherent and consented to their exposure to all the risks naturally incidental to their presence on the ASSC. All the Users shall enter the ASSC at their own risk and responsibility and the Management shall not be responsible for any consequences whatsoever.

(C)  Every User will be fully liable for any damage caused to the property of the ASSC or to the person or property   of any employee of the ASSC or to any other User of the ASSC, resulting directly or indirectly from their action. Compensation for such damage will be fixed by the Management alone and shall be recoverable from the concerned Corporate Nominee or Individual Member.

(D)  Any action for indemnification by the Management is without prejudice to any other legal action that the   Management may initiate in this regard.


The management shall have the absolute right to allow the use of Club facilities to any person/s who are not members of the Club. Non-member will be introduced to the club only through the Primary Member and their behavior/appearance will be completely the Primary Members responsibility.

A person shall not be introduced as a non-member who has been:


(A)  Terminated/Suspended from the membership of the club shall not be introduced as a guest of the club.

(B)  For someone who has been a defaulter with the club, cannot be introduced to the club as a non-member.

(C)  Found guilty by a competent court / tribunal of an offence involving moral turpitude or any criminal offence.

(D)  If a member introduces a guest into the Club who is not eligible for admission the Management may withdraw such member’s privilege to introduce guests into the Club and he may even be penalized or suspended at the discretion of the Management.


(E)  Every member who introduces a guest shall pay the prescribed guest charges and both member and guest shall sign the guest book. The introducing member shall be responsible for his/her guest(s) strictly observing the club Rules & Regulations and must not leave the club premises before his/her guest(s) leave.      

(F)  Whose conduct or presence in the Club may be considered by the Club Management to be objectionable or prejudicial to the interest of the Club.



The Management shall not be responsible or liable for not performing any obligation or undertaking given to the Members, if such performance is prevented, delayed or hindered by an act of God, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, warrior, terrorist act, sabotage, inability to procure or general shortage of energy, labour, equipment, facilities, material or supplies, action of labour unions, due to enactment of any law or issue of any directive by any Government or Public Authority or by a Competent Court or any other cause not within the control of the Management. The Management is further absolved from any liability towards any User of the ASSC arising from any act beyond the control of the Management of the ASSC.



ASSC shall be free to alter any facility in the premises or structure of the building with the permission of the appropriate authorities and the Members/their nominees shall have no right to object, obstruct or create hindrance or dispute or raise any claims in respect thereof.


  (A)  Members who are non-resident Indians, foreign nationals or expatriates shall be solely responsible for complying with the required formalities as laid down in Foreign Exchange Management Act or any statutory re-enactment or replacement, and Rules made there under and all other applicable laws for the time being in force governing the remittance of payments to the ASSC.

 (B)   The applicants and Members shall be solely responsible for violations if any, under the aforesaid laws and the ASSC accepts no responsibility in this regard. Such Members shall keep ASSC and the Management fully indemnified and holds ASSC harmless in his regard.

(C) In the event of the failure on the part of a person to comply with aforesaid laws and rules, the Membership is liable to be cancelled by the Management.

(D) The applicants and Members shall be responsible for providing to the Management necessary permissions/ approvals as applicable, prescribed under aforesaid laws.


              These Rules & Regulations/Terms & Conditions are not exhaustive and the Management shall have the absolute right and sole discretion to add to or amend them from time to time and all such addition or amendments will be notified by displaying them only on the notice board of the club and shall become immediately binding on all the users of the Club.


  1. Words importing the masculine genders shall be taken to include females.


  1. Words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.



            Family Membership, Corporate Membership or Annual Membership is non-transferable.


(A)  In the event of any individual Member or any of his guests, spouse or children being found guilty of questionable behavior, misconduct or misuse of any of the facilities of the Club, the Management may terminate his membership without any refund of membership fee paid and the same cannot be transferred if the dependent takes a new Membership or to any other member.   

(B)  In the event of any individual Member or any of his guests, spouse or children being found guilty of questionable behavior, misconduct or misuse of any of the facilities of the Club, under such circumstances the membership will be terminated without any refund of fees paid against membership/club facility and the same cannot be transferred to any participating member/guests. 

(C)  The Membership of the club shall be suspended for non-payment for any dues.


Upon death of a primary member, the spouse (secondary member) shall be entitled to be given all the benefits which were given to a primary member. This procedure take place after all the outstanding dues of the deceased primary member will be cleared. This privilege (transfer) shall be opted for only once in the entire membership tenure.

33.       ARBITRATION:
 It is agreed to and undertaken by the Members and/or their Nominees / Guests / Eligible Children hereto that any difference or dispute that may arise by and between them and the Management in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or other incidental matter arising out of the Terms and Conditions, shall be resolved as far as practicable through mutual negotiations failing which the matter would be referred to arbitration. Arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator appointed by the Management of the ASSC.


Violation of the agreement or any illegal, fraudulent, deception or unethical business conducted by a member may result, at the club’s discretion, in one or more of the following corrective measures:       

  1. Issuance of a written warning or admonition.


  1. Requiring a member to take immediate corrective measure.


  1. Imposition of a fine.


  1. Involuntary termination of the offenders Membership.


  1. Imposition of any other measure expressly allowed within any provision of the Agreement or which the   club deems practicable to implement and appropriate to equality resolve injuries caused partially or exclusively by the Member’s policy violation or contractual breach.   


(F)      Institute legal proceedings for monetary damages and/or equitable relief in situations deemed appropriate by the club.


35.                   CUSTOMER DISPUTE:
 This offer is strictly subject to courts of RAJASTHAN HIGH COURT, JAIPUR BENCH.


36.         REFUND POLICY:

              All Starr Sports Club & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. requires a successful Interview, accurate documentation and a payment procedure for its new members to use the Club facilities. Upon receiving the payment, the company strictly follows a no Refund Policy.
The Refund Policy applies to payment being made against purchase of any type of membership or to payment being made against any facility/amenity after the membership is confirmed. Before the next payment cycle, you may cancel your service or terminate your membership to avoid making any future payments. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before accessing or using our facility/amenities.



I/We hereby declare that I / we are applying for the membership of ASSC after being fully satisfied about the quality & quantity of facilities and after going through the membership terms & conditions of the club being satisfied in all respects on the basis of my / our judgment.

           I/We have not been influenced by anything extraneous including any oral assurances given by any person connected with ASSC.

           I/We hereby agree to pay the lifetime/ annual/ monthly/ daily subscription fee as fixed by the management from time to time is payable in advance, change of nominee fee in case of corporate membership, re-nomination fee as applicable, sports fees as may be applicable & prices of food and other consumables by my family members, guests be charged to my account.

           I/We understand that the terms & conditions as accepted by me/ us may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the management and such amended rules shall become binding on me / us.

           I/We accept that in the event of my/ our application being rejected all money paid by me/ us shall be refunded.

           I/We agree to be fully liable for the violation of the rules & regulations as stipulated therein.

            I/We have sought detailed explanation and clarification from the management in respect of this application and the management has readily provided all such explanation & clarification.

            I/We have signed this application, fully conscious of my/ our liabilities & obligations.

           I/We assure the management that in the event of total cancellation/ abrogation of the rules & regulations I / we shall accept the decision of the management and shall not dispute or challenge such cancellation/ abrogation.

           The Applicant(s)/Member, as the case may be, hereby provides its consents and permits the Club/Company to collect and access the members personal information, data and compile it etc. and tie up with third parties including for sending the messages (via SMS or emails or electronic media) for events, promotions etc. and connect with the Applicant(s)/Member on social media and /or to the person/entity agreeing to provide additional facilities and/or otherwise.

I/We am/are aware that the management of ASSC has absolute right to accept or reject my/our application without assigning any reason and I/We agree that I/ We shall not challenge the decision of the management.

           All the aforesaid undertakings & commitments given by me/us shall be equally binding on my/our legal    representatives & successors-in-interest and their legal representatives also.

I/We also Undertake that I have no criminal record and not been jail for any offence. I/We also Undertake that I have not defaulted on any bank loan.

           I/We as a member of this club hereby fully agree to keep the club & the company fully indemnified & harmless in respect of the following:

           any injury(ies), accident(s), impairment(s), loss of life that may be caused to me/ us, any other member, third party(ies), staff and employees working in the club, any person(s) inside/outside the periphery/boundary of the Club, my family members, guests visitors which may be caused or occasioned during the use of the club facilities by me.

           That I/We are fully knowledgeable as to the proper use of the facilities in the club as well as to my our own physical limitations, medical history etc.It is specifically understood and agreed by me that this declaration shall be binding on me or my heirs, successors, and assigns at all times during my membership of the club and use of the club facilities from time to time.