All Starr Club

  1. All Starr Sports Club & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (“ASSC”), strategically situated at 231, 232, C4, C5, Prem Sagar, Narshinghpura, Jagatpura, Jaipur – 302017, Rajasthan, India, is a distinguished entity under the proprietorship of its Directors and Shareholders. ASSC, renowned for its exclusive services and facilities, operates as a proprietary club, offering an array of hospitality and sports amenities.

  2. The application process for membership to the ASSC (“Membership”) must adhere to the designated format outlined in the Application Form, which is an integral component of the Membership Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Membership is contingent upon compliance with these Terms and Conditions, along with any rules and regulations established and periodically updated under them. Such updates will be communicated to members via postings on the Clubhouse notice board or another appropriate location (“Rules and Regulations”). The Terms and Conditions also encompass the Fee Structure for Membership, reflecting the rates as of the date of the agreement and subject to modifications at the discretion of the Management. The Plan and Fee Structure are essential elements of this agreement.

  3. The governance and administration of the ASSC are solely the responsibility of the Board of Directors and its appointed executives. These individuals are collectively designated as “Management” within the scope of these Rules and Regulations. Management retains the discretionary authority to either decline or provisionally approve any Application Form without the obligation to justify such decisions. An individual whose Application has been approved by Management attains the status of a “Member.” It is stipulated that within an immediate family, only one individual meeting the eligibility criteria may be granted membership. The privileges of membership are exclusively available to the Member, their Spouse, and any Dependents.

  4. A Member is entitled to access and utilize the facilities offered by the ASSC following the schedule and timings established by the Management. The Primary Member is granted the privilege to use these facilities, subject to their availability and based on a first-come, first-served principle.

  5. Receive a 25% discount on Banquet Hall bookings for members with Family Lifetime, Corporate, or Senior Citizen Memberships. Additionally, Family Annual Membership holders are eligible for a 15% discount. These offers apply to our current standard rates.

  6. Enjoy exclusive privileges with our membership programs. For our esteemed Family Lifetime Members, Corporate Members, and Senior Citizen Members, we are delighted to offer a generous 25% discount on bookings for up to 20 residential rooms. Additionally, Family Annual Members will benefit from a 15% discount on our current rates. To maintain an exclusive and personalized experience, each member may book a maximum of five rooms. For those requiring larger accommodations, group bookings are possible subject to management approval and availability, ensuring a tailored experience to meet your needs.

  7. The costs associated with food, beverages, and alcoholic drinks will be subject to subsidization.

  8. Access to the Badminton Court, Squash Court, Table Tennis, Billiards, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Steam Room/Sauna, Yoga, and Kids Play Area is available for a nominal fee. These facilities can be utilized on various payment plans, including Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual basis, to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our patrons.

  9. The Club shall invoice all incurred charges to your account. Please note that all charges levied by the Club are non-refundable. The Club reserves the right to modify existing fees, introduce new charges, or alter any financial terms at its sole discretion. Any changes will be communicated in advance. Members bear full responsibility for all fees and charges by using and enjoying the Club’s facilities and services. Membership fees, once paid, are deemed fully earned by the Club and are non-refundable, even in the event of membership cancellation. An 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the applicable tax rate will be applied to all charges.

  10. The Club Membership does not in any manner grant / bestow/assign upon any member any rights/interests/title/share/equity / upon the Member(s) (jointly or severally) in the land and the Club building/development / any construction and assets etc. thereon, which shall at all times vest in the company. Member(s) (jointly or severally) shall not have any control/right/interest/supervision over the club’s management.

  11. The company retains the discretion to initiate the operations of the Club and declare it ‘open and operational’, notwithstanding that certain facilities and services may still be in the process of construction or development.


   The Membership to ASSC is open to the following categories

  1. FAMILY LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (25 YEARS) – The membership package encompasses the Primary Applicant, their Spouse, and up to two Unmarried Sons or Daughters until they reach the age of 25 years or until marriage, whichever occurs first. Upon reaching the age of 25, these dependent members will be eligible to obtain an individual membership. This offer, valid for six months from the date of their 25th birthday, entitles them to a 25% discount off the current membership rate at the time of application.

  2. SENIOR DEPENDENT MEMBERSHIP – The membership includes the Primary Applicant’s parents, provided they are aged 60 years or above. This benefit remains valid as long as the Primary Applicant’s membership is active.

  3. SENIOR/FORMER YOUNG MEMBERSHIP (15 YEARS) – Encompassing a Primary Applicant aged 50 years or older and their spouse.

  4. CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP (25 YEARS) – Corporate membership entails the inclusion of a minimum of two Directors, Partners, or Senior Management Personnel per applicant. Each member’s membership shall comprise the Primary Member, their Spouse, and up to two unmarried Sons/Daughters until they reach the age of 25 years or until marriage, whichever occurs earlier.

  5. FAMILY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – This offer is valid for a duration of one year, equivalent to 12 months or 365 days. It encompasses coverage for the primary applicant, their spouse, as well as up to two unmarried sons or daughters.

  7. Individuals referenced in Clause 5 above are invited to submit their membership applications following the provisions outlined in Clause 8.
  8. Individuals or corporate entities who have been declared as un-discharged insolvents or have been convicted by a court shall not be eligible for Club membership or nomination.
  9. A corporation is entitled to designate a specified number of individuals for a predetermined duration by the Fee Structure.


Prospective individuals and corporate entities interested in obtaining Membership are kindly requested to submit a meticulously completed Application Form, ensuring all necessary details are provided. The Board of Directors at ASSC retains the full authority to exercise their discrn either accepting or declining any Membership application without being obligated to furnish any specific justification. Applicants are advised that they shall not possess the privilege to contest the Board’s decision. Membership will be granted solely per the prescribed procedure as determined by the management.

  1. The LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP entails a predetermined duration of 25 years (equivalent to 300 months) commencing from the date of acceptance by the management.
  2. The validity of the SENIOR DEPENDENT MEMBERSHIP shall be contingent upon the concurrent validity of the Dependee’s membership.
  3. The Senior/Former Young Membership is granted for a specified duration of 15 years, equivalent to 180 months, commencing from the date when the Management officially accepts the membership application.
  4. A Corporate Membership is valid for a predefined duration of 25 years (equivalent to 300 months) commencing from the date when the Management formally accepts the membership.
  5. The ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP entails a predetermined duration of one year, equivalent to 12 months or 365 days, commencing from the date of acceptance by the management.




  1. A one-time MEMBERSHIP ENTRANCE FEE (“Entrance Fee”), as specified in the Fee Structure, is non-refundable. All fees are non-refundable.
  2. Fees for the utilization of various facilities and sports offerings, whether on an annual, monthly, or daily basis, may be subject to additional charges as determined by the management. It is important to note that all fees are non-refundable.
  3. Applicants are kindly requested to adhere to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations per the Finance Bill of the Government of India, as applicable. Additionally, any newly imposed taxes must also be duly observed.



Corporate Members have the option to select one of the membership options outlined in the Fee Structure, specifying the membership term and the number of nominees permissible, to access the facilities provided by ASSC (Your organization’s name). 

Changes to nominations during the membership period can be initiated by applying the Management. This application should be accompanied by either a copy of the resolution passed by the Board of Directors of the Company representing the respective Corporate Member or a request letter endorsed by all partners of the firm representing a Corporate Member. Additionally, the applicant is required to remit the applicable re-nomination fee, as determined by the Management and subject to any revisions made from time to time.


Subject to the Rules and Regulations established herein, ASSC facilities are accessible to the spouses and offspring of Individual Members and Corporate Nominees. In the context of this provision, “children” refers to individuals of either gender until they reach the age of twenty-five (25) years or enter into marriage, whichever event occurs first.


Guests of the members shall be permitted to use the facilities of the ASSC (except on certain specified days as mentioned in the Rules and Regulations or as may be notified from time to time by the Management). The Members shall be charged a fee of Rs.118/- per guest from Monday – Friday and Rs.236/- per guest on Saturday and Sunday by the Management from time to time, for the use of the facility of the ASSC by the guests of such Members.

  2. Individual Members, Corporate Members, Nominee Members, and Annual Members, along with their respective spouses and eligible children, will receive Access Cards from the Management. These Access Cards must be presented upon entry to the club premises and when utilizing club services and facilities.
  3. The membership card is non-transferrable and is intended for the exclusive use of the individual whose name and photograph are depicted on the card. The utilization of another member’s card will be deemed a violation of club policies and regulations. The primary member will assume responsibility for any instances of misuse involving the club membership card.
  4. Reporting the loss of Identity Cards to the Management is mandatory and should be done promptly. A fee of Rs. 500/- will be to issuesuance of a Duplicate card.
  5. The Identity Cards of eligible children should be promptly returned to the management upon their cessation of eligibility.
  6. Upon the cessation of eligibility status for a Corporate entity as stipulated within these Terms and Conditions, or in the event of its removal or replacement by the Corporate Member, it is imperative that the designated nominee promptly surrenders all Identity Cards, including those issued to their respective spouses and Eligible Children, to the Management.
  7. If a marital relationship is terminated, whether by legal mandate or other means, the Management must be promptly notified of this change. Additionally, the Identity Card of the former spouse must be relinquished without delay by the Individual Member, Corporate entity, Nominee, or Annual member to the Management.


  9. Please be advised that the entry of pets onto the premises of the ASSC is strictly prohibited.
  10. Smoking is only allowed in areas designated by the Management or as outlined in the Rules & Regulations.
  11. The possession of firearms, ammunition, and any form of weaponry, whether possessing a valid license or not, is strictly prohibited within the premises of the ASSC.
  12. Members of the ASSC are prohibited from offering any financial or non-monetary incentives to any personnel associated with the ASSC. A service charge will be applied to invoices for food, soft beverages, and other miscellaneous items.
  13. Children between the aands of 0 to 14 years shall not be granted entry to the ASSC premises unless accompanied by an adult Member or a Guest of a Member who has been duly admitted to the ASSC. It is the responsibility of Members to ensure the appropriate conduct and appearance of their dependents and guests.
  14. A dependent member shall refrain from introducing guests to the club.
  15. Members who have been designated as dependents and have received a membership card are entitled to access the club’s amenities and may authorize all expenses incurred, with the understanding that such charges will subsequently be settled by the Primary Member.
  16. Individual members and corporate nominees are kindly requested to grant authorization for their eligible children.
  17. Under our operational policies, the management retains the prerogative to authenticate the identity of all individuals upon entry to our premises. This measure is implemented to guarantee that only Members, their spouses, eligible children, and guests of these Members are granted access.
  18. The managing committee retains the prerogative to limit access or expel any individual whose character, appearance, demeanor, or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory by the club’s administration. In such instances, membership may be terminated without the possibility of a refund for any fees previously remitted.
  19. Participants are required to record their check-in and check-out times in the register provided at the Reception desk.
  20. The club management hereby absolves itself from any liability on the loss of personal property or any injuries or casualties sustained by club members or their dependents as a result of mishaps or accidents occurring within the club premises. The utilization of club facilities shall be undertaken entirely at the risk and responsibility of the member and their dependents.
  21. Members are kindly requested to adhere to the designated closing time when vacating the premises.
  22. Please refrain from using loud or abusive language, as it is not permitted in this setting.
  23. Please be advised that no personal notices, advertisements, or literature, whether in printed or distributed form, are permitted.
  24. If any Member, Participating Member, or Guest causes damage to the Club, they shall be held responsible for covering the expenses incurred for repair or replacement.
  25. Political activities and actions contrary to government interests will not be permitted.
  26. No banners, flags, or posters shall be displayed either within or outside the club premises.
  27. Members’ personal attendants, maids, and drivers are kindly requested to limit their movements exclusively to designated areas, refraining from utilizing the club’s facilities.


By club policies, the bar staff reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any Member or visitor they believe to be exhibiting signs of intoxication or engaging in abusive behavior. The Management may initiate disciplinary measures against any Member who purchases drinks for a Member or visitor who has been denied service by the bar staff. Our club diligently adheres to excise regulations, permitting alcohol consumption exclusively within excise-approved facilities and designated areas on the premises. We strictly enforce the closing hours of our bars, and all members are expected to comply with these regulations without exception.

Members are explicitly prohibited from bringing outside liquor or refreshments into the Club and consuming them on the premises. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action by the management. Furthermore, the use of narcotics and other illicit substances by members and their guests is strictly prohibited by both club rules and the law within the Club premises. Any member found engaging in such activities will face immediate suspension, with the matter reported to law enforcement agencies as necessary. The Management may also consider terminating the membership of individuals involved in such activities.

  •        Billiards – The dress code for a game of billiards should adhere to a smart-casual standard. Members and guests are kindly requested to refrain from wearing shorts and slippers while engaging in play.
  • Table Tennis – The Table Tennis uniform comprises short-sleeved jerseys, shorts or skirts, socks, and athletic footwear.
  • Badminton – Appropriate attire for this setting includes T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and rubber sole shoes accompanied by socks. Please note that shoes with black soles or markings are not permitted.
  • Swimming Pool – All individuals, whether on the pool deck or within the swimming pool area, are required to adhere to the appropriate swim attire policy. Clean, white t-shirts may be worn over proper swim attire, as colored t-shirts are not permitted in the pool area. Infants and toddlers who require diapers must wear swimmer-specific diapers and suitable swimwear. Approved water shoes are allowed. For individuals with long hair, the wearing of swimming suits and caps is mandatory, regardless of gender.
  • Gym – The gym uniform comprises a short-sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a skirt of modest length, and appropriate sports footwear.
  • Squash – Appropriate attire is required: Sleeveless shirts, cut-off jeans, and non-marking shoes are not permitted. Men are expected to wear a decent round-necked or collared shirt paired with shorts, while women should opt for a tennis dress, skirt, or shorts.


All users of ASSC facilities are kindly requested to adhere to the prescribed dress code outlined in the Rules and Regulations of ASSC.

  • Dress code guidelines for the dining, lounge area, and banquet hall are typically set as casual attire. However, it is important to note that the Management reserves the right to impose a formal or fancy dress code on special occasions and functions. Members, Participating Members, and Guests are kindly requested to refrain from wearing slippers or shorts in the Restaurant and lounge areas. Additionally, it is essential to adhere to the designated areas for swimming, jogging, gym activities, athletics, or any other activities that require shorts, as stipulated in the Rules and Regulations. Your cooperation in maintaining the appropriate dress code and decorum is greatly appreciated.
  • If additional facilities are introduced in the future, notification of any corresponding dress code requirements will be communicated through email, circulars, or posted on the notice board.

The comprehensive regulations about the conduct and operation of Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, the Gymnasium, and the utilization of the Swimming pool, which are presently in effect, are periodically communicated to our esteemed members.


The management of the ASSC hereby retains the authority to temporarily suspend access privileges to the club premises or any other facility area for select or all members, as necessary to facilitate the orderly conduct of sports tournaments and events. Such suspensions may apply to specific designated areas or the entirety of the club’s premises. It is important to note that no user shall possess the entitlement to contest the decisions made by the management in this regard.


Members are kindly requested to refrain from engaging in any form of argument or dispute with any Club staff member. Should any concerns or issues arise concerning Club staff, we kindly ask that members promptly communicate these matters to the Club officer or management for appropriate resolution and follow-up. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


The coaching services provided at ASSC are administered and governed by a set of specific regulations established by ASSC and the designated coaching facilitator. These regulations dictate the procedure, techniques, fees, scheduling, and the designated coaching area, all of which are subject to periodic adjustments at the discretion of the ASSC Management. It is important to note that members do not possess any authority or influence over these aforementioned aspects of the coaching program.


  2. Payment for all services and facilities must be remitted via the following methods: cash, approved credit cards, checks, and Demand Drafts. Please note that the utilization of credit facilities is discouraged.
  3. All individual and corporate members are obligated to remit the prescribed fees on a daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, commencing from the date of their Membership acceptance for any facility provided by the Management, as delineated in the Fee Structure. Any expenses incurred by spouses, eligible children, or guests shall be charged to the account of the respective member.
  4. In a professional context, the provided lines can be rephrased as follows:
  5. The Management of the ASSC will make sporting equipment, such as shuttles and racquets, available for use, albeit at a nominal fee and subject to availability. Users assume full responsibility and assume all risks associated with the use of these facilities and equipment. Any damage or loss incurred to the facility or equipment must be promptly rectified by the user, and members are expected to settle any related expenses. For Corporate Nominees, both the individual nominee and the Corporate Member will share joint and several liability in regards to any amounts owed to the ASSC.
  6. It is incumbent upon each member to diligently maintain and keep their personal information up-to-date, which includes their mobile number, telephone number, residential and office address, as well as their email address. Timely updates of email addresses are particularly essential, as our Club’s monthly invoices and newsletters are regularly dispatched to the email addresses on record. Failure to update this information may result in the accumulation of outstanding dues and subsequent imposition of late fee charges, which, it is important to note, cannot be waived under any circumstances once they have been debited to the member’s account. If any member does not receive the Club’s monthly invoice or circulars for a period exceeding one month, we kindly request them to promptly reach out to our management team.


The management reserves exclusive discretion to initiate and execute repairs, refurbishments, additions, modifications, reductions, or temporary closures of any or all facilities within the ASSC. All members are expected to adhere to these decisions without raising objections.

  2. The utilization of ASSC facilities carries a full measure of risk and responsibility that squarely rests with the Members, Corporate Nominees, Annual Members, and any accompanying guests, spouses, or Eligible Children who avail themselves of said facilities. It is imperative to note that the Management of ASSC assumes no liability for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred by users during their visits to ASSC or as a result of utilizing its amenities.
  3. All the Users of ASSC are warned of high-speed Shuttles/balls that may cause grievous injuries/ death or loss of property. Further, it shall be the duty/ obligation of every Member to warn their respective spouses, guests, and Eligible Children of such danger/risk before entering ASSC. All such Users shall be presumed to have understood the risks inherent and consented to their exposure to all the risks naturally incidental to their presence on the ASSC. All the Users shall enter the ASSC at their own risk and responsibility and the Management shall not be responsible for any consequences whatsoever.
  4. Each user shall assume full responsibility for any damage inflicted upon the property of the ASSC, to the person or property of any ASSC employee, or any other ASSC user, whether such damage arises directly or indirectly from their actions. The determination and assessment of compensation for such damage shall rest solely with the Management and shall be recoverable from the respective Corporate Nominee or Individual Member in question.
  5. Any pursuit of indemnification by the Management shall be undertaken without compromising or waiving any other potential legal actions that the Management may choose to initiate about this matter.


The management reserves the exclusive authority to grant access to Club facilities to individuals who are not registered members of the Club. Non-members may gain entry to the Club solely through sponsorship by a Primary Member, and the conduct and presentation of non-members will be the sole responsibility of the Primary Member introducing them.

A person shall not be introduced as a non-member who has been:

  1. Individuals whose membership has been terminated or suspended shall not be permitted to attend the club as guests.
  2. An individual who has a history of defaulting on their obligations to the club cannot be presented as a non-member for club introduction purposes.
  3. Convicted by a duly authorized court or tribunal for an offense of moral turpitude or any criminal transgression.
  4. If a Club member introduces a guest who does not meet the eligibility criteria for admission, the Management reserves the right to revoke the member’s privilege to introduce guests to the Club. Additionally, the Management retains the discretion to impose penalties or suspend the member as deemed appropriate by Club policies.
  5. Each member who extends an invitation to a guest is required to remit the designated guest fees, and both the member and the guest are expected to formally register their visit in the guest book. The member extending the invitation assumes full responsibility for ensuring that their guest(s) adhere to the established Club Rules & Regulations and must ensure that they do not depart from the Club premises until their guest(s) have also left.
  6. Individuals whose behavior or presence within the Club may be deemed objectionable or detrimental to the Club’s best interests, as determined by Club Management.

  8. Members who are Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), foreign nationals, or expatriates bear exclusive responsibility for adhering to the mandates stipulated in the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), or any statutory re-enactment or replacement thereof, as well as the rules promulgated thereunder. Additionally, these members must comply with all other pertinent legislations currently in effect that govern the remittance of payments to the ASSC.
  9. The applicants and Members shall bear exclusive responsibility for any infringements under the aforementioned laws. ASSC disclaims all liability in this matter. Furthermore, such Members are obligated to fully indemnify ASSC and the Management, ensuring that ASSC is absolved of any responsibility in this context.
  10. Should a member fail to adhere to the aforementioned laws and regulations, the Management reserves the right to revoke their Membership.
  11. The applicants and members are obliged to furnish the Management with all requisite permissions and approvals as mandated by the aforementioned legislation.


The Management reserves the exclusive right to supplement or modify these Rules & Regulations/Terms & Conditions at any time. Such changes will be effective immediately upon their posting on the Club’s notice board. All users of the Club are bound by these revisions and are advised to regularly review the notice board for any updates.

  2. Words importing the masculine genders shall be taken to include females.
  3. Words in the singular form shall be construed to include their plural forms and words in the plural form shall be construed to include their singular forms.


The Family Membership, Corporate Membership, and Annual Membership options are exclusively non-transferable.

  2. If any individual member, or any person under their responsibility such as a guest, spouse, or child, is found to have engaged in conduct deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to misconduct or misuse of the club’s facilities, the management reserves the right to terminate the membership of the said individual. Upon termination, there will be no refund of any membership fees already paid. Additionally, this termination precludes the transfer of membership privileges, even in cases where a dependent of the terminated member acquires a new membership.
  3. In the instance where a Member, or any associated guests, including spouse and children, are adjudged to have engaged in conduct deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to misconduct or the improper utilization of any Club facilities, such actions will result in the immediate termination of membership. Under these circumstances, there shall be no reimbursement of any membership fees or payments made for club facilities. Furthermore, the terminated membership privileges shall not be transferable to any other member or guest.
  4. The club’s membership shall be subject to suspension in the event of non-payment of any dues.


Upon the unfortunate demise of a primary member, the designated spouse, classified as the secondary member, shall inherit full entitlement to all benefits previously accorded to the primary member. This transition of privileges will be duly executed after the settlement of any outstanding dues associated with the account of the deceased primary member. It is important to note that this privilege of transfer is permissible for a single instance during the entire span of the membership tenure.


The Members, their Nominees, Guests, and Eligible Children (collectively referred to as “the Parties”) hereby agree and undertake that any differences or disputes arising between them and the Management, about the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or any incidental matters arising therefrom, shall, to the greatest extent possible, be resolved through amicable negotiations. If such negotiations fail to yield a resolution, the Parties agree to submit the matter to arbitration. The arbitration process shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator, who will be appointed by the Management of the ASSC.


 In the event of a breach of the terms of the agreement, or should a member engage in any illegal, fraudulent, deceptive, or unethical business practices, the club reserves the right to take one or more corrective actions, at its discretion.

  1. Certainly! To convert your lines into a professionally written warning or admonition, I would need to know the specific content or context of the warning. Could you please provide me with the details or the original lines you’d like to have rewritten professionally? This will help me tailor the language appropriately.
  2. Requiring a member to take immediate corrective measures.
  3. Imposition of a fine.
  4. Involuntary termination of the offenders’ Membership.
  5. The club reserves the right to impose any measures explicitly permitted under the provisions of the Agreement, or those it considers practicable and suitable, to equitably address damages resulting partly or entirely from the Member’s violation of policy or breach of contract.
  6. Initiate legal actions for financial compensation and/or equitable remedies in circumstances considered suitable by the organization.


This offer is expressly conditioned upon the exclusive jurisdiction of the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench.


All Starr Sports Club & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. adheres to a structured membership acquisition process which includes a comprehensive interview, meticulous documentation, and a defined payment procedure. Prospective members must complete these steps to gain access to the Club’s facilities. 

Please note that once payment is processed, All Starr Sports Club & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. enforces a strict No Refund Policy. This policy applies to all transactions, encompassing both the initial membership fees and any subsequent payments made for additional facilities or amenities post-membership confirmation. 

Members are advised to consider their continuation of our services before the commencement of the next billing cycle. You retain the option to cancel your services or terminate your membership, thereby avoiding future charges. We strongly encourage all members and potential members to thoroughly review our Terms & Conditions to ensure a clear understanding of the policies and procedures governing the use of our facilities and amenities.


I/We solemnly affirm that, having thoroughly assessed and found satisfactory both the quality and quantity of the facilities provided by ASSC, as well as having diligently reviewed and accepted the membership terms and conditions of the club, I/we are applying for membership based on my/our informed judgment and complete satisfaction in all respects.

In the conduct of our dealings, we affirm that we have not been swayed by any external factors, including verbal guarantees made by individuals associated with ASSC.

I/We solemnly commit to remitting the subscription fees—be they lifetime, annual, monthly, or daily—as determined periodically by the management, and acknowledge that these fees are due in advance. Additionally, I/We agree to cover any fees associated with changing the nominee in cases of corporate membership, and any re-nomination fees as applicable. Furthermore, I/We consent to the payment of sports-related fees and acknowledge that the cost of food and other consumables utilized by my/our family members and guests will be charged to my/our account.

I/We acknowledge that the terms and conditions, as agreed upon by me/us, are subject to periodic amendments at the sole discretion of the management. I/We understand that these revised terms shall be binding upon me/us upon their implementation.

I/We accept that in the event of my/ our application being rejected all money paid by me/ us shall be refunded.

We/I acknowledge and accept full liability for any breaches of the rules and regulations as outlined in the agreement.

Our team has diligently pursued a comprehensive understanding and sought explicit clarifications from the management regarding this application. The management has been forthcoming and cooperative, providing all necessary explanations and clarifications in a timely and detailed manner.

I/We have signed this application, fully conscious of my/ our liabilities & obligations.

We hereby affirm to the management that, should there be a complete revocation or nullification of the established rules and regulations, we shall fully accept and adhere to the decision made by the management. We commit to refraining from disputing or contesting such a decision.

The Applicant/Member consents to the Club/Company collecting, accessing, and compiling their personal information for purposes including third-party collaborations and receiving communications about events and promotions via SMS, email, or other electronic media. This consent also extends to social media engagement and interactions with entities providing additional services.

I/We understand and acknowledge that the management of ASSC holds the sole discretion to accept or decline my/our application. This decision is final and is made without the necessity of providing any justification. I/We hereby agree not to contest or challenge this decision made by the management.

All aforementioned obligations and commitments made by me/us shall also bind my/our legal representatives and successors-in-interest, along with their legal representatives.

I/We hereby declare that I/we have no criminal record and have never been incarcerated for any offense. Furthermore, I/We affirm that I/we have not defaulted on any bank loans.

As a member of this club, I/We fully agree to indemnify and hold the club and the company harmless against all liabilities and responsibilities outlined herein.

I/we acknowledge and assume full responsibility for any injuries, accidents, impairments, or loss of life that may occur to myself/ourselves, other members, third parties, staff, employees, or any individuals within or outside the club’s premises, including my family members and guests, during the use of the club’s facilities.

I/We acknowledge and confirm that I/we are fully aware of and competent in the proper use of the club’s facilities, and understand my/our physical limitations and medical history. I/We expressly agree that this declaration is binding upon myself, my heirs, successors, and assigns for the duration of my/our membership and any use of the club facilities.